Kent LeSueur

The members of our homebuilding team are passionate about their work. It’s evident in the beauty of their craftsmanship and the high level of their customer service. We approach each home as if we were designing and building it for ourselves.


Kent LeSueur

President and Owner

A seasoned 25-year homebuilding veteran in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Kent is known for his hands-on leadership style. Starting his career on a construction framing crew, he earned a degree in Construction Management and diligently worked his way to the top of one of the nation’s largest and most successful homebuilding companies. Kent believes that an unwavering commitment to personal service begins at the top – this integrity, devotion and enthusiasm resonates throughout Newport. Each employee, from the front office to sales & marketing to construction, shares Kent’s passion for personal service in homebuilding, and you’ll see by touring our homes that the results are evident.

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