Satisfied Clients is Our Goal

We believe we are one of the best home builders in DFW. But don’t take our word for it – read what our valued buyers have to say!

Selection of your floorplan is the first important step.  Newport Homebuilders offered me three options.  Your first option is to build one of the standard plans as offered.  The second option is to select a standard plan, then modify it to meed your needs.  I chose option three.  I met with the builder’s architect.  Over a month’s time we designed a floor plan that was uniquely mine.  It contained exactly the rooms I needed, sized to my requirements.  No wasted space, no useless rooms, nothing more, nothing less.  I could not have been more pleased with the final result!

Peter Smith

It is hard to explain how happy we are about finding Newport Homebuilders. John Richardson and his Team have been a joy to work with. They were professional from the word go but more importantly they really cared about our thoughts and needs. We found the home after construction had started and wanted to make changes to make it “our home”. They listened and worked hard to help us understand each and every change we wanted and how each one would impact the home both from an aesthetics point of view and from a cost consideration. We will be moving in soon and could not be happier with Newport Homebuilders and the home they have built for us. We will spend many happy years in this home knowing Newport Homebuilders built in High Quality and will be there to stand behind their product! Thank You Newport Homebuilders and John Richardson; it has been a true pleasure getting to know and work with you.

Bill Sisco

The team at Newport was great to work with.  Their quality, workmanship, attention to detail, communication, follow up, support and service is exceptional and what you want and expect with a custom homebuilder.   Kent, John and Carolyn were there to keep us informed of every step of the process.  They are genuine sincere people who care about fulfilling your needs in building your custom home.  I can’t say enough about the quality home they have built for us.  This is the 5th new home we’ve built over the years and by far the best experience and best built custom home we’ve ever had.  Thank you Newport Homebuilders!

Steve and Cheryl Smith

We love the quality and design of Newport’s homes. Our house is still under construction, but Kent and his team are AWESOME to work with – very collaborative, open to customer feedback during the process, and above all absolutely committed to homeowner satisfaction. We are confident that we’ve made the right decision to work with Newport and are looking forward to enjoying our dream home.

Jason Hawkins

As a realtor professional I get to work with a lot of builders and have shown several Newport houses over the years. I always noticed the custom details of these homes and was impressed with the quality. We loved the building process with Newport as we designed a home for our family’s needs and could make changes along the way. Loved making rooms bigger and more functional. No build process is perfect however we are really loving our home a year and a half later! Newport Homebuilders is truly a custom builder.

Stephanie Seay

Newport Homebuilders did an excellent job listening to our needs and wants while designing and building our home. The experience was very consumer friendly with each phase of the build process. The entire group from sales to design to construction were very communicative and proactive in sharing information. We are extremely happy with our new home!

David Koontz

My wife and I built a home with Kent LeSueur and his staff at Newport Homes, February 2010. Building a home with Kent’s organization was the best real estate decision I ever made. He and his staff handled the design, construction, and follow-up issues with amazing professionalism. I would highly recommend Newport Homes to anyone interested in building a superior quality home at a fair price.   We love the home we built and have been in it for five years now.   Building a home can be a very stressful experience. Kent and his staff made it fun and enjoyable. In the end, you will be glad you chose Newport over another builder. They do a fantastic job and are true professionals in the residential home building industry.

Stewart and Nancy Sherrill

We chose to build with Newport because of the face to face discussion and commitment to our satisfaction from the Newport President and owner, the design flexibility during the process, and the value of the “standard features” versus the competitive home builder, specifically Newport’s high quality trim package.  Our customer satisfaction throughout the entire process was 9.5 out of 10.  We do not personally believe a perfect 10 is ever really achievable…hence the 9.5!  It is a given that things will go wrong in the home building process; the measurement of success is based on how quickly and thoroughly the issue is rectified  The entire Newport team addressed the problem as soon as possible and always provided a solution which resulted in our satisfaction.

Bill and Pat Schlegel

We would HIGHLY recommend Newport!  From all of the horror stories we heard from friends about building a home, we feel very blessed and fortunate to work with Newport.  The whole process was wonderful, with a few tense moments sprinkled in over the period of 10 months.  Our realtor could not believe how smooth everything went with Newport; she was highly impressed as well.  Kent, Anna, John and Carolyn and all of the vendors/services that we dealt with were absolutely wonderful!  Newport made us feel very special and “important” as a home builder/buyer.  Newport was so well organized in guiding the Buyer in selecting all of the numerous decisions that had to be made, it was a wonderful experience for us and we will spread the word about Newport!

Alan and Delores Jackson

Loved working with a small builder that kept us informed and has continued to respond 18 months after closing!

Rebecca Greenwade

We truly love our quality built Newport Custom Home. Kent, and his staff worked very hard to make it our “Dream Home”, and it is!

Scott Ingram

Kent and his staff always exceed expectations ! I have built (2) projects with Newport and will have them build my third.

Kevin Richardson

I was looking for a custom home builder and met with Newport. They worked with me from the beginning to the end. My home is completely custom and built to my exact specifications. This was my first time building a home from the ground up and the process was seemless. The owner and staff were competent, respectful, and considerate. I would highly recommend this builder if you want a home built in a timely and proficient manner.

Tom Smith

Newport built our home 6 years ago and it was a ideal experience, the entire process was smooth and efficient for us. We were initially attracted to the high quality of the Newport product and felt it was just better built than the others. I’m happy to report that the home has held up great ever since we moved in, very few minor repairs have been required, and absolutely no structural or other “falling apart” type surprises due to poor craftsmanship or taking short cuts during construction. We would highly recommend this builder, we’ve loved our home.

Greg Dyer

Newport Homebuilders builds a high quality home full of value without hidden costs. The home buying experience was seamless, on time and it was delightful to work with John and Carolyn. The follow up and customer service after the sale was exceptional – Newport demonstrated great team skills to ensure any concerns are taken care of in a timely manner. I definitely recommend John and the Newport Homebuilders Team to anyone looking to build or buy a Newport home.

Rafael and Monica Hinojos

Great team at Newport and loved the small company attention to detail. They certainly put their homeowners first.

Jim Phoenix

We’re excited to be building a Newport Home in Lantana, and appreciate the care and attention to detail given by Kent and his team. My parents built with Newport several years ago, and the quality of their build led us to also purchase a Newport home. We’re excited to see the project to completion, and recommend the team to anyone in the area who is looking to build a quality custom home.

Ryan Jackson

Newport built our current home in 2010 and we love it. They did a great job, so we are now building another new home in Bellaire in Lantana. We are off to a great start. Kent, John, and Carolyn work as a team to make it happen.

Gregg Jackson